The “Tribute to Jeff” Nixie

This clock was originally going to be called Black Gold, but while building it, during the 4th of July weekend, Jeff Thomas passed away.  Jeff was the designer of the electronics used in almost all my one-off clocks and a real pioneer in the Nixie Community. He was a great help to me and I think I can call him a friend even though we never met in person. So now that the clock is finished I thought it only fitting that I rename it in honor of Jeff, so hence the name.

The clock base is constructed out of 5/8” aluminum flat bar and 1/8” plate that was polished, then anodized pearl black. Sandwiched between the aluminum are 1/4" thick slabs of solid polished brass. All are through hole bored to accommodate the 1/4”-20 X 2” black oxide allen cap screws at the ends. The bottom 2 end pieces are drilled and tapped  to accept these screws which hold the beast together. The clock weighs 35 lbs. (WHOA!!) and measures 18-3/4" L X 7" D X 2.5" H. The tubes are, of course, the beautiful and rare  German Z5680M Nixie tubes.


Michael Barile LLC