Michael Barile

BadNixie.com LLC

Like the first Ported and Polished nixie clock, the Ported and Polished II represents a unique way of displaying the beautiful NL-8091 nixie  tube.  I say this because most, if not all,  front view Nixie tube clocks are displayed with a shroud of some sort around the base of the tube actually restricting the display.  However, in the Ported and Polished clocks, I have recessed each tube in it's own very large 3"/2” diameter chamfered hole then polished the inner walls of each hole to reflect the changing neon digits. The end result is a tube that appears larger than it really is. The overall design idea was again to capture the feeling of days gone by, a la the the Streamline moderne design movement of the 30’s and 40’s.  The electronics are by Pete Virica, in this case,  and incorporate floor lighting, or ‘behind the tube lighting’, if you will, which is a break from the norm for me . They have been adapted to drive the larger NL-8091 tube by changing the anode resistors and modifying RTS5 sockets to accommodate RGB LED’s. See photos below. I had  2 of these massive faceplates made originally which were milled  out of a length of 6" X 1-1/2" billet aluminum. I then had the back and botttom sections polished and anodized in Copper Penny color to yield the finished product as seen below! The clock measures 22-1/4" in length by 7-1/2" high by 6" deep and weighs 44 pounds!! Yowsa, Yowsa!!. It is by far, the heaviest of the monster clocks I've built to date. Now, just help me get some CD-47’s and you will see a Nixie clock of gargantuan proportions !


The “Ported and Polished - ”HEAVY-D version”

Shots from the build