The “Mini-Pan” Nixie


Designed and built for a customer in Florida, the Mini Pan is the diminutive cousin of the much larger Z5680M-based PanPacific. It utilizes the much more available IN-18 tube and is based upon the Jeff Thomas NixiChron electronics like the PanPacific. Instead of building a tube board like I did with the PanPacific, I used the onboard sockets of the NixiChron PCB, however I mounted the Mill-Max pins so that the bottom of the pin is flush with the bottom of the PCB leaving about 5/32” of the top of the pin exposed. This allowed me to get the tube up higher into the tube hole and thus reveal more of the tube base. I also decided to use pigtail extensions for the DC power and GPS connections due to space constraints. Materials used are the same as the PanPacific; Brass and Black Walnut with a beautiful Black Walnut crotch wood top plate. All fasteners are either solid brass of stainless steel.

Michael Barile LLC