PV Electronics LTC 18 Kit clock ( modded)


I recently purchased the PV Electronics, (Pete Virica proprietor LTC18 multiplexed kit and

his polished stainless steel case designed for the Russian IN-18 Nixie tube.

This kit offers one of, if not the best,  multiplexed Nixie clocks kits available. The only other contender, in my opinion , is the Tubehobby kit by Jonas Jasulaitis,  but Jonas does not offer a case. Pete’s kit is a bit more feature rich than the TubeHobby clock and also accommodates LED under-lighting for the tubes, but both are GPS disciplined (a prerequisite for me anymore).  Pete supplies everything you need to build this clock (and the tubes too if you desire) and instructions are easy to follow with a lot of pictures. And if you screw up, like I did, Pete is always available to help! Although the kit in it’s stock form is great, I couldn’t help myself and had to put my manly scent on the clock. SO, in the true spirit of Home Improvement’s Tim Allen,  I built my own colon towers out of aluminum rod stock and relocated them behind the tubes vs. in front where they’re called for on the stock clock layout and REWIRED IT!!!.  Arrr Arrr!! I also chose an orange LED supplied by a fellow Nixie fanatic, Nick Stock, vs. the stock colors offered with the clock. I am really not a fan of LED under-lighting,  but this color seems to compliment the warm amber glow of the Nixie tube rather than compete with it.

Some mod pics:

Michael Barile LLC

Ya’ See, I just can’t keep my hands off of stuff!

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