The “NixiModerne-Variant II” Nixie

The clock base for the NixiModerne-Variant II is customer designed and turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. It is constructed of solid 1/4” brass plate and 1/2” and 1/4” thickness planed slabs of clear moulding grade Black Walnut. All fasteners used are either non-magnetic Stainless Steel or Brass Allen Head socket screws There are a total of 64 machine threaded fasteners of various sizes used in it’s assembly with 64 corresponding drilled and tapped holes. Dat’s a lotta holes an’ a lotta tappin’! The Black Walnut is hand sanded beginning with 120 grit,  then 180 grit, followed by 220 grit, and finally finish sanded with 320 grit and sealant applied. Brass plate is hand sanded similarly and finished with 0000 steel wool and sealed to inhibit tarnish.  There is no stain used on the Walnut to allow the natural color and beauty of the wood to shine through. At the customer’s request I have enabled the Temperature function on these NixiSat electronics. I have also provided an extension cable so the temp sensor can be placed in the optimal position for accurate temperature readings. As with all the NixiModernes I build now, I have modified the electronics to work with the HaiCom 204III GPS. The Motorola Oncore or Axiom GPS’s this clock was originally designed for are now obsolete and the newer Haicom is a much more reliable GPS.  I REALLY like this clock and it was hard to part with...

Oh, and by the way, the finished product weighs THIRTY POUNDS!! This is one HEAVY MUTHA!

Click on the big pic to the left to the see the NixiModerne Variant II in action on YouTube.


Michael Barile LLC