The “Mahogany & Brass” Nixie

This is my first attempt at building my own Nixie clock casework. The electronics are made by TubeHobby This is a GREAT kit! It is, however, a multiplexed kit - all tube digits are connected in parallel and the anode is switched at high frequency to give the impression all tubes are lit at the same time. The alternative method is direct drive, whereby each tube is driven individually and all tubes are truly lit at the same time. Direct drive yields a brighter tube display, but requires more components to accomplish and is more costly due to the added components and engineering. There are other pros and cons which I won’t discuss here, but I really think this is the best IN-18 kit on the market from a feature/price perspective as well as overall design. This kit is VERY feature rich and includes GPS (works with generic GPS units) Sadly, he does not make a Z566M tube board for this kit, but I created one (see page 3). I would also like to see a direct drive clock kit from him with the same build quality and feature set. The only direct drive kit available I am aware of is the Jeff Thomas NixiChron ( see my review on this site).

I have included few pics below of the construction process in The Garage Nixie Clock Factory from kit assembly to the finished product.


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