The "Jenny" IV-12 VFD and “Jenny Reloaded” with IV-11’s by Jürgen Grau


This is a beautiful little VFD clock! The clock is based on the still very inexpensive IV-12 VFD tube. (less than $1 a piece) The kit is not for the inexperienced hobbyist and requires a good bit of concentration and technique, but the result is a well built, well designed little jewel that looks great just about anywhere you put it. Great fit and finish!  It’s most obvious feature is the full spectrum color LED fade with several different set up options. Software is well structured with a logical user interface, however, I would like to see a readout  indicating which LED option was enabled. The kit is nicely put together and comes with pictured instructions and cotton gloves so you don’t smudge the clear plastic! I like the LED thing, but in the end, I think the clock is just as beautiful with the option turned off. I personally like the rich Cyan color of VFD’s and the way the transparent acrylic compliments it.  Well worth the price ($205 + shipping) and the nicest VFD I have seen and used. Click the big pic to the right to see the Jenny in action on YouTube.

Michael Barile LLC

His new Jenny ‘Reloaded’ now comes standard with GPS and sports a different case configuration. He also incorporates the beautiful little IV-15 wired array VFD’s for colon separators. Just a gorgeous little tube! The clock is pictured below with standard copper colored top piece and below that with a clear top piece. I asked Jurgen to have a clear version of the top piece made for me. I like this better than the standard copper colored top.