The “ArtDeco” Nixie

The electronics for this clock are from the TubeHobby kit, but I have replaced the IN-18 tube board with the Claus Urbach Z566M tube board. This took a bit of work as the tube groupings are driven differently from one kit to the other. For the case I used 6061 Aluminum plate and Brass. I was trying to create a case with an Art Deco feel. I have used an INS-1 tube for the center mounted ‘pilot light’. It was a real PAIN getting this little tube to function properly. I found they have a tendency to toggle between bright and not-so-bright until you get the current almost right on spec. of 0.5mA. It’s a pretty little thing though, glows a nice orange-red, like the Z566M’s. Click the pic to the right to see a video of the ArtDeco Nixie driving ZM1042’s

Below are some pics of the construction process in the garage Nixie clock factory.


Michael Barile LLC